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With some talented snowboard instructors within our team, we can offer private snowboard lessons for individuals and private groups. From beginners & intermediates to advanced backcountry, split boarding, park & freestyle, our snowboard instructors can cater for your needs. Our team know the Avoriaz and Portes du Soleil ski area inside out and can find you the best bits whilst helping you improve you snowboarding, whatever level you are at.
British SNowboard school morzine avoriaz
British Snowboard School Morzine Avoriaz

We offer private lessons for all ages and all abilities, for both skiers and snowboarders in either 1-1 settings or small private groups of you and your friends or family. Our instructors can also teach in English or French.

Private lessons are the ultimate way to improve your skiing and snowboarding. Here's a few reasons why:

Safety - Our priority number 1 is your safety and we choose the best terrain for your lesson, whether it be the best snow, the quietest slopes or the most relevant conditions for your goals

Enjoyment - Priority number 2 is for you to enjoy yourself. Skiing and snowboarding is all about having fun and we believe that the more fun you have, the faster you improve

Learning - one-on-one lesson structure gives you the undivided attention of the instructor, who can identify your good and bad habits and give you warm ups, drills and exercises that you can continue to practise after your lesson. We often receive reviews in which our clients say they have had their skiing or snowboarding transformed in just a single lesson

Having an instructor also allows you to access ski school lanes to reduce lift queue time.

We recommend 2 or 2.5hr lessons to get the most done whilst avoiding fatigue. Private lessons are available at the following times, 7 days a week during the winter season:

09:15 - 11:45 (2.5 hr lesson)

12:15 - 14:15 (2hr lesson)

14:30 - 17:00 (2.5hr lesson)

We can also be flexible if you prefer different times - please just call or email our office to ask. Contact us.

Morning & lunchtime lesson prices (1 person)


2.5 hrs - €215  

2 hrs - €175 

Half day 3 hrs - €260  

Full day 6.5 hrs - €495 

Extra attendees 

For 2 hr lesson add €15 per person 

For 2.5 hrs + add €20 per person 

Prices capped at attendees

From 2pm (excluding peak weeks 25/12, 12/2, 19/2, 26/3, 2/4)

2.5 hrs €195 

2 hrs €165 


Affordable lessons for family & friends

Extra attendees

< 2 hrs add €15  pp

2.5 hrs+ add €20 pp 

Prices capped at attendees

Suitable for younger children 

1.5 hrs  €135 

1 hour  €90 

British Snowboard school Morzine Avoriaz
British Snowboard instructor Morzine Avoriaz
British Snowboard instructor morzine avoriaz
British Snowboard school morzine avoriaz
British Snowboard school Morzine Avoriaz
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