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How to get ready for your ski trip

Ski trips are an amazing way for families and friends to spend quality time together, but admittedly, they do take quite a lot of preparation. If you're the parent in charge of getting everything ready for not only yourselves but your family as well, we salute you! To make things easier, here's some tips on what clothing and equipment to bring, what ski fitness preparation you might want to do and even some tips on how to stay safe in ski resorts. We hope it helps!

Equipment & Clothing - How to pack for skiing:

If you're wondering what gear you will need, whether to rent or buy it and what clothing and accessories you should pack, here's a tutorial video from Avoriaz Alpine Ski School Instructor, George Treble, which explains all of the above.
How to get ski fit for your time on the slopes
Skiing is quite a unique type of exercise and it is very common for anyone who only skis a few times a year to suffer from the dreaded burning thighs. Doing some basic ski specific fitness prep will not only improve your safety and chances of avoiding injured, it'll also allow you to increase your performance and have more fun on the snow.

The good news is, it doesn't have to be complicated. Don't get confused with hundreds of different complex routines when there are FOUR BASIC EXERCISES which sum up ski specific fitness better than any others. Join BASI Level 4 ski instructor George beside the pistes, (in September!) to find out how best you can get fit for your ski trip:

How to stay safe in Ski Resorts
Avoiding accidents, injuries and foreign hospitals is going to be top of pretty much everyone's agenda when going on a ski holiday. We've made this video with 10 top tips on how to stay safe and avoid accidents in ski resorts.
The second video is a fantastic initiative from the team at Piste X Code and funded by the community of Morzine Avoriaz which explains the most important traffic rules in ski resorts. We highly recommend watching it before your next trip, even if it is just a refresher.
We hope these videos have helped you to better prepare for your skiing holiday. If you would also like a group or private lesson during your trip to Avoriaz we would be delighted to help - get in touch and our friendly office team will be able to offer you a no obligation booking option for you to consider. You can also see the full series of tutorial videos covering everything from your first day on skis to parallel skiing, steeper slopes, icy conditions, moguls, off piste and more on the Alpine Tutorials Website.

We look forward to skiing with you soon and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.

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