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  • Ian Mckellar

Mountain Biking tours ON SNOW?!

For those of us lucky enough to have been skiing and snowboarding, the joys of the sport will be familiar.

It’s the sheer fun of sliding down mountains on snow, being able to control where we turn and how fast we are going (most of the time), exploring new areas and learning new skills and techniques.

It’s the beauty of the pristine mountainous landscapes, covered in a thick white blanket consisting of billions of unique snowflakes. The long distance views of forested valleys and impressive summits enjoyed in the clean, refreshing air.

It’s the escapism from any stresses or worries in our daily lives. Whilst you’re skiing down your favourite run with friends or family, just coming up to the fun part where the piste bends round in and out of the trees, through a tunnel and out into a wide cruisy area where you can go as fast as you like towards the stunning Alpine backdrop with a late afternoon setting sun – you’re probably grinning ear to ear and giggling like a sugar-high 8 year old and not thinking about your upcoming tax return deadline.

It’s also the social side of spending quality time with your friends and family, exploring the slopes during the day and sharing the sunset views over a refreshing beer at Après. When things go well, the ski holiday experiences can go down as some of the very best memories you share with your favourite people. And that’s all when the conditions are normal. Add some cold, fresh, ‘champagne’ powder snow and clear blues skies into the equation and the whole experience bursts through the scales of the magic-onometer. (for more advanced skiers wanting to make the most of these conditions and explore off piste, check out the Access All Areas clinic weeks for mountain safety, technique tuition and guiding in Avoriaz

What’s more, this year there’s a new activity to add to your already amazing holiday – E FAT BIKING ON SNOW!

How about jumping onto one of the awesome new electric assisted, fat-tyred mountain bikes and going on a guided tour through the trees on dedicated runs for a couple of hours? In the French Alpine ski area of Les Portes du Soleil, Avoriaz Alpine Ski School have teamed up with the Avoriaz Tourist Office to provide this unforgettable experience and when you have a go you’re going to be goofy-grin-giggling like the first time you nailed your parallel turns and started racing your mate.

Whether you’re an experienced biker and you’re gliding your back tyre around fast, skidded turns or you’re happy watching your kids get to grips with the ‘on-snow’ biking sensation as you explore new runs through the trees, this activity suits all abilities and is guaranteed to be an extra gem of a memory amongst others on your next snow-holiday. The dedicated runs offer new places to explore amongst these beautiful Alpine mountains and this activity is suitable for non-skiers too.

So if you’re heading anywhere near Avoriaz this winter, gather a group of friends or family and give mountain biking on snow a go. You certainly won’t forget it.


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